5 Healthy Habits Before Going to Bed for a Good and Restful Sleep

And we round off this weeks articles with 5 easy things you can do to improve your sleep. 

1. Food:

What you eat at night makes a difference on your sleep. The most important thing is to avoid going to bed with a full stomach. Digestion hampers the quality of your sleep and sleep makes for poor digestion time. This will make you wake up foggy and feeling unrested. You should also allow plenty of time for your body to digest alcohol before bed as alcohol affects sleep cycles negatively. Lastly, try to have a light meal for dinner. You may find it improves the quality of your sleep! 

2. Hydration:

Make sure to be hydrated when you go to bed as dehydration will also affect the quality of your sleep negatively. 

3. Exercise: 

As mentioned above, we don’t digest well while sleeping. A walk after a big meal is a great way to help your digestion, as well as getting air and exercise which will reduce stress from the day which in turn will improve your sleep. 

4. Listening: 

Actively and consciously listening to your surroundings forces you out of your mind, worries and spiralling thoughts, and brings you into the present moment. This makes you more intune with yourself, which means you will be more likely to notice the natural signs your body is giving you to go to bed. Modern technology can make it very easy for us to ignore the natural signs our bodies give us to go to bed. Listening is an act that can help us be more mindful. 

Try a few minutes every evening where you close your eyes and focus on the sounds around you, without blocking them out or making too much sense of them. Just listen. 

5. SonicTonic: 

Finally, shift your listening towards SonicTonic. Our unique Tonics, made using Receptive Sound Therapy will help you relax and get your mind and body prepared for sleep by stimulating regions of your brain associated with sleep. 

Download SonicTonic from Google Play or the App Store and try it for free tonight!

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