A Good Alternative to Meditation

SonicTonic Influences Thoughts and Feelings to Trigger Positive Changes in Mood, Attitude, and Feelings!

SonicTonic is a digital health app that provides quick and easy help for many of today’s mind-related health issues such as stress, anxiety, and sleep disturbances. 
It promotes mental hygiene and emotional resilience by using sound and music to influence the autonomic nervous system to trigger the desired neurophysiological response.

What’s in it

SonicTonic uses symptom-targeted Healing Soundscapes to quickly put the user into a state of altered consciousness in which they become highly receptive to the sonic ingredients. SonicTonic uses a blend of Brainwave Entrainment, Autosuggestion, ASMR, and other Sonic Ingredients, that are mixed into purpose-targeted Soundscapes. The experience is extremely effortless and pleasant.

A Quick, Easy, and Healthy Alternative

Not all mind-based problems need time-consuming and expensive medical interventions. Many people are looking for ways to help themselves; some go to therapy, others turn to meditation and mindfulness. Many will choose to just suffer in silence, while a shocking number will turn to destructive self-medication efforts, like sleeping tablets, tranquillisers, or alcohol. SonicTonic offers a safe and effective intervention with no risks or side-effects. In comparison to meditation or mindfulness, SonicTonic doesn’t need any learning or practicing. This makes it particularly attractive to those who can’t or just don’t want to meditate. It is also interesting to those who just want quick relief and don’t want to spend time with courses or doing exercises.

The Science Behind It

SonicTonic soundscapes cause reflex reactions in a number of areas of the brain, including the auditory cortex, the brain stem, the amygdala, the motor cortex, the inferior colliculus, and the limbic system.

You don’t have to learn anything for it to work for you, but a recent study proves that understanding what’s happening in such situations can activate a receptor in the prefrontal cortex that is responsible for controlling dopamine levels, making it more likely that users with positive expectations will experience an extra-positive effect.

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