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John Groves
Founder SonicTonic

Dear User,

when I was young, my parents used to always say: “Switch of that music and do your homework!!” At that time, it was believed that listening to music while studying was distracting. 

While it is widely known that music can improve our mood and generate positive feelings, the benefits of listening to music while studying are not very well known. In fact, there is a lot of evidence to prove that we can study better while listening to music. There are also studies showing that music can significantly boost productivity. 

SonicTonic contains a number of programs especially designed to boost focus and enhance concentration.

So, headphones on and get to work!



The SonicTonic Focus Series

Sharp Focus

Busy Afternoon


Deep Learning

Study Help

A recent study confirms that the sound of coffee shops is conducive to concentration and productivity. People that visit Coffee shops to work are more focused, effective, and creative. If you want to find out more you can read all about it in the knowledge pyramid on our website. Get realistic immersive 3D recordings of coffee shops right here in the SonicTonic app – and they are free! 

Also, check out the selection of Binaural beats that have been designed to entrain your brainwaves to the driving frequency after 4 to 5 minutes. Some people find that pure Binaural Beats are more effective than programs that have been mixed with music. Try for yourself.

What is SonicTonic?

If you’d like to know about the ingredients used in SonicTonic visit the

SonicTonic is an app that uses sound as medicine to help improve the way you think and feel. It uses a finely-balanced combination of auditory healthcare techniques to alter the listeners’ state of consciousness. This happens without any effort or practice that is associated with meditation. It’s called “Receptive Sound Therapy”.

Choose exactly the level of information you want to have: from basic brief descriptions – to medium easy-to-read magazine-type articles – and in-depth reports and scientific studies.

What’s the Problem?

Our lives are filled with much more stress and pressure than ever before. Many of us are feeling unsure and nervous about the future, which often causes feelings of anxiety, problems with sleeping, and even depression. SonicTonic can help you stop unwanted thoughts, improve sleep, reduce stress, manage anxiety, boost concentration, or increase your learning capabilities.

What to do?

SonicTonic can help you to…

… concentrate better

… stay focused for longer

… enhance learning

User feedback

“Great job!”

I think “Power Nap” is great and did a great job in a car break the other day, so I was able to continue fresh and wide awake.
Susanna Huebchen
Actors Agent, Berlin

“It works really well.”

I’ve been using SonicTonic – calming down and sleeping – with my kids for months, it works really well.
Eju Caron
Creative Director, London

“Tops everything!”

Great job btw. I’ve been using Sounds for years, for focus, but this “Sharp Focus” tops everything!
T. L.
from Boston

“Saved My Life.”

I have to say that SonicTonic saved my life while traveling for a month in Europe. Thank you for your gift to the universe!
Valerie D.
from Washington D.C.

“Big Thank You!”

Finally the noise in my head has stopped! I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone involved in this life changing app!
Anne Symonds
from Sydney

“Such a good thing.”

Wow! I’m really relaxed about going to bed know knowing I’m not going to lay for hours. I think your app is such a good thing. Thank you!
James R.
from Bristol

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