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Noise in our society is so prevalent that the World Health Organisation has declared noise pollution the second biggest environmental killer after air pollution.  Nevertheless, as it turns out, not all noise is created equal.

Have you heard of white noise?

In the Guardian Megan Nolan tells how it helped her to relax, sleep more calmly, and generally improved her quality of life.

But apparently there is something called pink noise which may even be more efficient than white noise. (Read here for more info). According to Barone people’s sleep and memory recall greatly improves when falling asleep with pink noise.  If you are having problems with sleep you should least give white or pink noise a try!  Where to get it? Well, there are videos on YouTube but the quality is not always consistent. To be on the safe side, you should use SonicTonic. FREE!

You can download the FREE SonicTonic App at the
** Google store or App Store **

(P.S: If you’re concerned with having your phone in the bedroom due to “electro smog” you can put it on flight-mode.)

White noise info: 
A study published by Oxford University Press in 2018 showed white noise can improve functioning in adults with attention deficit disorder. 

Another study in the same year in South Korea suggested weighted white noise – which attempts to account for the particular wave frequencies found in sufferers of depression – can have a positive effect. 

In Taiwan, a 2018 survey of people living with dementia showed that white noise can provide a simple way to reduce their agitation.

You can get white noise and pink noise for FREE! Download the SonicTonic App at the ** Google store or App Store **

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