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Unlock the Power of "Non-Sleep Deep Rest" (NSDR), an easy alternative to meditation, developed by the American neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman.

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This is something you really should take a look at. It can be the start of a new life strategy. NSDR, which stands for “Non-Sleep Deep Rest” protocols provide help to optimise your mind for both relaxation and learning. And, as it says in the name, it doesn’t involve sleeping! The term was coined by the American neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman, mainly to make it appealing to those who may be turned off by more esoteric or spiritual concepts like meditation or yoga.

NSDR is a powerful tool that allows you to have control over your nervous system and your overall state of mind. It has the amazing ability to reset your energy levels and awareness, without the need for focus as with meditation. And although the results are very similar, Huberman insists energetically that it is not meditation and that a clear distinction should be made.

“Whereas meditation involves a lot of activity in your prefrontal cortex, NSDR puts you in a very calm and relaxing state where you don’t have to do any work; you just listen.”

This makes it a perfect addition to the SonicTonic toolbox!

Research shows that being in a deep state of relaxation but also high focus drastically improves neuroplasticity, which is basically the re-wiring of your brain. This means you can learn much faster, and retain new information easier


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NSDR can be the start of a new life strategy with less worry and anxiety. It helps stop the discomfort caused by anxious or intruding thoughts. It reduces rumination and mind wandering, and your mind can feel less ‘crowded.’

There are protocols that can help you to focus and improve your performance. You can be productive and positive, despite the stress and uncertainty you may feel.


NSDR protocols trigger a deep state of profound relaxation in which the body and mind are both restored. 

It involves entering Altered States of Consciousness and being in a dreamlike state  where our minds are at rest but we’re not  sleeping.

NSDR not meditation; it’s a technique that helps you to relax and make it easier to focus and replenish your nervous system.

What is SonicTonic?

SonicTonic is an app that uses sound as medicine to help improve the way you think and feel. It uses a finely-balanced combination of auditory healthcare techniques to alter the listener’s state of consciousness. This happens without any effort or practice that is associated with meditation. It’s called “Receptive Sound Therapy”.


If you’d like to know about the ingredients used in SonicTonic visit the

Choose exactly the level of information you want to have: from basic brief descriptions – to medium easy-to-read magazine-type articles – and in-depth reports and scientific studies.

What’s the Problem?

Today, our lives are filled with much more stress and pressure than ever before. This can often lead to feelings of nervousness, anxiety, problems with sleeping, or even depressive episodes.

Our minds send us warning signals but we tend to ignore them and choose to suffer in silence. However, some of these problems can cause real sickness and it’s best to deal with them before they get too serious.

What to do?

SonicTonic can help you to…

… reach a state of deep regeneration.

… consider new life strategies.

… take improves neuroplasticity.

User feedback

“So relaxed!”

I’ve been using SonicTonic, calming down and sleeping with my kids for months, it works really well
Jeju C.
from Berlin

“Good App.”

I absolutely love your app and the combination of beautiful music, isochronic and binaural tones, and ASMR. Thanks so much for such a well-produced app and I’ll be giving a 5-star review!
Paul Z.
from Hamburg

“Thank You!”

My head is often filled with repetitive unhealthy annoying thoughts of self doubt stress & worry. Finally the noise has stopped. I wanted say a big thank you to everyone involved in this life changing app.
James R.
from Bristol

“Saved My Life.”

I have to say that SonicTonic saved my life while traveling for a month in Europe. Thank you for your gift to the universe!
Valerie D.
from Washington D.C.

“Big Thank You!”

Finally, the noise in my head has stopped! I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone involved in this life-changing app!
Anne Symonds
from Sydney

“Such a good thing.”

Wow! I'm really relaxed about going to bed knowing I'm not going to lay for hours. I think your app is such a good thing. Thank you!
James R.
from Bristol

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