Anxiety Relief From Binaural Beats Reported In Several Scientific Studies

Writer: Leila Chaieb, Elke Caroline Wilpert, Thomas P. Reber and Juergen Fell. Department of Epileptology, University of Bonn, Germany
Source: Frontiers in Psychiatry. Published 12.05.2015 (found on epileptologie-bonn.de)

Several independent studies on the effects of Binaural Beats all report the same: Binaural Beats are able to reduce the feeling of anxiety. This is great news for sufferers, but It is important that the sound files are of the best quality and technically able to function properly. The user has no way of knowing if correct frequency are being heard or if, in fact. the Binaural Beats are even in stereo, which is a prerequisite for Binaural Beats to have any effect whatsoever! Binaural Beats be obtained from a trusted source.
Several studies consistently report a diminishing impact of binaural-beat stimulation on anxiety levels.

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