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Money spent on corporate health should not be seen as a cost, but as an investment.

Studies show that for every dollar spent on corporate health, employers receive between $2.71 and $6.00 back.*

Healthy Means Productive

It’s a well-known fact that a healthy workforce is a productive one and a lot of companies are taking steps to look after the health of their workers.

Some employers are providing massages or gym memberships to keep their workers fit, but what about their minds?

Award Winning Innovation
– Better Sound Award 2017

A Healthy Mind

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.
These days, our lives are filled with more stress and pressure than ever before. This often leads to disturbances such as worry, feeling nervous, problems with sleep, and even depressive episodes leading to burnout.

Lost Working Days

In recent years, at least 7% of the population have suffered from some form of mind-related illness.

Even though a lot of these cases don’t require labor and cost intensive medical care, they are still responsible for an alarming 13.4% of lost working days.


Intodrucing SonicTonic

SonicTonic is an eHealth app that uses therapeutic sound programs to positively influence the way we think, feel and act. Employees listen to “Tonics” on headphones to influence their desired state of mind. The average usage time is only 10 minutes per session.

Besides providing a positive feeling for the user of being empowered and in control of their mental state, it is an active and continuous measure for preventing potentially debilitating psychological problems.

All in all, SonicTonic provides a big step towards a healthier, more alerted and motivated workforce

What It Does

SonicTonic is an important tool for mental hygiene. It can be used to sharpen focus and to mentally prepare for meetings and presentations. Or when employees need to relieve stress or get a good nights sleep before a big day, there is a Tonic for that too.

Used at home, SonicTonic provides help for improving sleep, coping with anxiety and depression, and much more.
It is easy and fun to use and, as it’s an app, it’s available anytime and anywhere. In fact, it’s perfect for utilizing downtime, such as when waiting or traveling – or instead of checking your social media.

The “Sleep Series”


Sleep Soundly


Power Nap

Deep Sleep




Sleep Well

How It Works

Not everyone wants to know the nuts and bolts of how things work:

“I just want to flip the switch and the light should go on”, said one user. But for those of you who are interested, here are the basics – very briefly. The SonicTonic method is called Receptive Sound Therapy (ReST).

It takes existing auditory therapeutic methods and blends them together to make effective interventions.
It combines Brainwave Entrainment and Brain Hemisphere synchronization techniques (such as ASMR, Isochronic Tones and Binaural Beats), with Solfeggio Harmonics and other frequency-based methods, autosuggestion and positive affirmations – and of course, Music!

The Knowledge Pyramid


For those who would like to know more about Receptive Sound Therapy and the ingredients in SonicTonic, full details are available on our website. You can chose the level of information you want: from basic method descriptions to studies and scientific research documents.

Corporate Application

Corporate clients are supplied with a list of unique access codes to be given to the individual users, together with an invitation to download the app.
Each code gives the user credits that can be redeemed in exchange for “Tonics”.

Easy instructions and full information about SonicTonic is available online. And of course we provide full online support.

Your Own Branded App

If you would like to have your own branded app, we offer a white-label version. Besides for your workforce, a branded version could provide a new and interesting way to promote your business. It could be given as a sign of appreciation to existing customers, or be used as an incentive to get new ones.

What It Costs

Depending on quantity, a single Tonic costs between 0.39 and 1.99 EUR —

There is no restriction on the amount of times they can be used. They are supplied in packages of ten that can be delivered to the user either all at once or delivered individually on a regular basis, such as monthly.

This can be used as an incentive to motivate employees to read information, such as newsletters. Based on the displayed in-app price, the user will have a very high value perception, which will increase their appreciation and help to encourage regular use.

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