What Our Users Say:

Unsolicited Testimonials

“Asleep after a few minutes.”


Jenny Ruth
Hotel Manager, Berlin

I’ve been using the app for four days and already fall asleep after a few minutes. […] Keep it up … a real asset to me!

“I use it daily.”


Astrid C.
HR Manager, Duesseldorf

SonicTonic is a great thing, I use it daily like my toothbrush.

“Love it!”


Anna L.
from Germany

Congrats! Had to look at it straight away, downloaded it, and had my first “Sleep Soundly” session yesterday.
Love it!

“Immediately fell asleep ...”


Laura Lanvin
Actress, Berlin

I immediately fell asleep with Sleep Soundly, although I always have sleep problems.

“Work More Concentrated”


Zuleicha A. H.
from Berlin

SonicTonic helps me to work more concentrated.

“Great job!”


Susanna Huebchen
Actors Agent, Berlin

I think “Power Nap” is great and did a great job in a car break the other day, so I was able to continue fresh and wide awake.

“It works really well.”


Eju Caron
Cruise Director, London

I’ve been using SonicTonic – calming down and sleeping – with my kids for months, it works really well.

“Tops everything!”


T. L.
from Boston

Great job btw. I’ve been using Sounds for years, for focus, but this “Sharp Focus” tops everything!

“Saved My Life.”


Valerie D.
fro Washington D. C.

I have to say that SonicTonic saved my life while traveling for a month in Europe. Thank you for your gift to the universe!

“Big Thank You!”


Anne Symonds
Sydney, Astralia

Finally the noise in my head has stopped! I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone involved in this life changing app!

“Such a good thing.”


James R.
from Bristol

Wow! I’m really relaxed about going to bed know knowing I’m not going to lay for hours. I think your app is such a good thing. Thank you!


Available for iOS and Android.
The SonicTonic app is
available for iOS and Android.

Take this opportunity to try a natural and softer approach and have a good sleep already tonight.

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Did you know that twice as many people are taking sleeping medication today than in 2010?

Yes, I would like to try
the free Tonic “Deep Sleep”.

Yes, I would like to
try the free Tonic
“Deep Sleep”.

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