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What our users say

SonicTonic is a great thing, I use it daily like my toothbrush.
Astrid C., HR Manager
from Duesseldorf
I immediately fell asleep with Sleep Soundly, although I always have sleep problems.
Laura I., Actress
from Berlin
SonicTonic helps me to work more concentrated.
Zuleicha A. H.
from Berlin

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Sleep Well

If you are having problems getting to sleep or you wake up during the night, you should most definitely try SonicTonic.

SonicTonic is an easy way to improve your sleep.
There is nothing to learn or practice. You just listen!

Use this opportunity to try softer and more natural approach and have a good nights sleep already tonight!

“I just want to flip the switch and the light should go on. I don’t need to understand how it works!”

Some people just don’t like reading. No problem; it’s not necessary to understand SonicTonic for it to work. However, recent studies suggest that having positive expectations may improve the results, so it’s probably a good idea to at least read the basics.

Apart for generating trust and belief, there is another good reason reason to dig deeper: Just as people are not all the same, sleep problems are not all the same either.

Whatsmore, what may be very effective for one person may not work so well for another.

We have prepared a free white paper that describes some of the possible remedies that are available out there. It could be a short-cut to find out what could be best for you.

Download the PDF: One size fits all?

The paper contains information about:

  • Lullabies
  • Drones
  • Binaural Beats
  • Synchronisation White & Pink Noise
  • Nature Sounds
  • ASMR
  • Bed Time Stories

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What’s the Problem?

Today, our lives are filled with much more stress and pressure than ever before. This can often lead to mind-related disturbances such as feeling nervous, having problems with sleeping or even depressive episodes leading to burnout.

What to do?

Our bodies and minds send us warning signals but we tend to ignore them and choose to suffer in silence. However, some of these problems can cause real sickness and it’s best to deal with them before they get too bad.

Try “Deep Sleep”
tonight for free!

* “Deep Sleep” is pre-installed for free.


** a link to an MP3 will be sent.