The “Power” Of Music

Writer: Imogen N. Clark, Felicity A. Baker & Nicholas F. Taylor
Source: Nordic Journal of Music Therapy (2016), 25:1, 76-104

This study is a review of 23 theoretical texts representing three contexts: therapeutic outcomes, sports and exercise performance, and auditory-motor processing. The findings consistently categorised music as a true motivator in physical activities, and furthermore suggest to use music as a prescriptive therapy to boost mood and motivation.

[pdf-embedder url=”/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/The-modulating-effects-of-music-listening-on-health-related-exercise-and-physical-activity-in-adults-a-systematic-review-and-narrative-synthesis-2.pdf” title=”the-modulating-effects-of-music-listening-on-health-related-exercise-and-physical-activity-in-adults-a-systematic-review-and-narrative-synthesis”]

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