The Melatonin Miracle

Melatonin is a hormone that plays a key role in sleep. Our bodies make it naturally but there are ways of stimulating its production. This can be done through diet with foods like nuts, but it can also be done with music and sound.  According to a study conducted in 1999 by Adarsh M. Kumar […]

Binaural Beats and Lucid Dreaming

In the past, we’ve written on binaural beats; how they work, why they’re useful, and how they are used in SonicTonic. If you haven’t had the chance to read the article yet, check it out here!  It turns out that on top of helping you focus, relax, and sleep – depending on the frequency that […]

Studies Prove that Listening to Music can Improve Concentration

My parents used to always say “Switch off that music and do your homework!!” In those days it was believed that listening to music while studying was distracting. Let’s not forget that, in those days, I was forced into eating tons of spinach in the misinformed belief that it contained an incredible amount of Iron. […]

ASMR Used to Treat Anxiety and Neuroticism

An exciting new study has found that ASMR has a positive effect on the reduction of anxiety and neuroticism. In this study, participants were asked to rate their levels of anxiety before and after watching a video as compared to a control group of people who hadn’t watch the video. People who had received ASMR […]

Music therapy and pre-recorded music reduced pain

Content: Research at Drexel University in Philadelphia found that music therapy and pre-recorded music reduced pain more than standard treatments in cancer patients. This Study with more than 50 trials to review, was one of the largest ph.D. Joke Bradt participated in. More than 500 participants reported, that they experienced less pain through music therapy. „The evidence suggests that […]

Do Isochronic Tones Have Entraining Effects on the Brain?

Content: Does listening to isochronic tones have any effect on the management of pain, or as a treatment modality for SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder? This article looks at these questions critically but supplies links to clinical studies that indicates that the potential of brainwave entrainment as a medical intervention is grossly neglected. Source: Living […]

Music As Complementary Medicine

Writer: Jaakko Erkkilä, Marko Punkanen, Jörg Fachner, Esa Ala-Ruona, Inga Pöntiö, Mari Tervaniemi, Mauno Vanhala and Christian Gold Source: The British Journal of Psychiatry (2011) 199, 132–139. Content: While many people suffer under depression, clinical treatment is moving fast forward and is providing great medicine for the patients. Music is hereby an important player. This […]

The “Power” Of Music

Writer: Imogen N. Clark, Felicity A. Baker & Nicholas F. Taylor Source: Nordic Journal of Music Therapy (2016), 25:1, 76-104 Content: This study is a review of 23 theoretical texts representing three contexts: therapeutic outcomes, sports and exercise performance, and auditory-motor processing. The findings consistently categorised music as a true motivator in physical activities, and […]

Music Proved To Be A Versatile Means For Mood Regulation

Writer: Suvi Saarikallio & Jaakko Erkkilä Source: Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research vol 35(1): 88‒109 Content: The study explored the aspect of music as a tool for mood regulations in adulthood. The findings suggested increasing and restoring of well-being, and also made the participants’ emotional life more varied and colourful. The underlying motivation […]

How Frequencies of Nature Affect Us Humans

Writer: Michael A. Persinger Source: International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy Online: 2014-03-12 ISSN: 2299-3843, Vol. 30, pp 24-32 Content: Schumanns Resonance is a cluster of different frequencies, which are known to have a significant effect on the human brain. These frequencies are found within the evolutionary process of developed organisms but also in […]