Successful Brainwave Entrainment

Writer: G. Papagiannakis, E. Argento, E. Baka, M. Maniadakis, P. Trahanias
Source: Foundation for research and technology – Hellas (FORTH) Institute of computer science, Technical Report Nr. 458

The study acknowledges the hypnotic effects of binaural beats, but states that they are less effective in achieving brain entrainment. Isochronic tones, however, seem to be more pleasant and enjoyable to the ear and stimulate – with their dynamic repeating sounds – the brainwaves just right to achieve an entrainment effect.

[pdf-embedder url=”/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/2015.TR458_VIRTUAL_REALITY_BRAINWAVE-4.pdf” title=”virtual_reality_brainwave”]

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