SonicTonic among the best E-Health Apps 2019

This year, SonicTonic was a finalist for the title “World’s best e-health App” at the 8th MEDICA App COMPETITION, supported by BayerG4A and Roche, at this year’s MEDICA in Düsseldorf. On Tuesday, November 19, the competition took place in the MEDICA CONNECTED HEALTHCARE FORUM, the international innovation hotspot for digital health.
Over 100 start-ups from around the world submitted their app- and platform-based solutions for the promotion of health care and 15 made it to the finals.
After exciting presentations by the international finalists, the result was clear – SonicTonic is among the top 5% in the world. The title “World’s best e-health App”, however, went to another innovative idea. 
The 8th MEDICA App COMPETITION has reached an important milestone in promoting innovation in healthcare to support patients, physicians and hospitals in their daily lives.
Growing stress, pressure to perform and a lack of balance in working life are increasingly leading to mental illnesses. Sleep and anxiety disorders and even depression can be results. As an e-health app, SonicTonic offers simple help for mental complaints.
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