Are Stress and Anxeity
taking over your life?

SonicTonic immersive soundscapes will help you relax, focus, and find peace. The app comes pre-loaded with a selections of free Tonics.

John Groves

Founder SonicTonic

Dear User,

If you’re reading this you’re most probably being troubled by stress and anxiety. You’re not alone. I’ve been there too, and I know how overwhelming it can be. That’s why I want to share a tool with you that has really helped me.

After trying various methods such as meditation and mindfulness, I discovered Receptive Sound Therapy and finally found the relief I was seeking. I was so impressed with the results that I created SonicTonic, which has now become the main focus of my life.

The incredible feedback from so many grateful users has encouraged me to work on a PREMIUM version which will allow me to use the proceedes to reinvest into marketing to get SonicTonic in the hands (ears?) of as many people as possible and allows the BASIC version to remain FREE! 

Trying everything out once does not cost a thing – and it hopefully gives you a risk-free way to see if SonicTonic is for you! 

Download the app and start feeling better today.  

What is SonicTonic?

SonicTonic is a mental hygiene tool that uses the therapeutic effect of sound and music to positively influence mental health. It improves the quality of life by providing emotional regulation to help switch off unwanted and troubling thoughts, and reduce stress, stop worry, manage anxiety, and help you to sleep better.

The SonicTonic Anxiety Series

Letting Go

Switch Off

Stress Relief

Stop Anxiety

Circle Thinking

What’s the Problem?

Today, especially during the pandemic, our lives are filled with much more stress and pressure than ever before. This can often lead to feelings of nervousness, anxiety, problems with sleeping or even depressive episodes. 

Our minds send us warning signals but we tend to ignore them and choose to suffer in silence. However, some of these problems can cause serious sickness and it’s best to deal with them before they get too bad. 

What to do?

SonicTonic can help you to..

… stop feeling nervous and worried.

… get to sleep easier and stay asleep.

… stop anxiety and prevent it from turning into panic. 

User feedback

“So relaxed!”

I’ve been using SonicTonic, calming down and sleeping with my kids for months, it works really well
Jeju C.
from Berlin

“Good App.”

I absolutely love your app and the combination of beautiful music, isochronic and binaural tones, and ASMR. Thanks so much for such a well-produced app and I’ll be giving a 5-star review!
Paul Z.
from Hamburg

“Thank You!”

My head is often filled with repetitive unhealthy annoying thoughts of self doubt stress & worry. Finally the noise has stopped. I wanted say a big thank you to everyone involved in this life changing app.
James R.
from Bristol

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