Brainwave Entrainment As Therapeutic Tool

Writer: Tina L. Huang, Phd. Visiting assistant professor at the Ohio State University at Newark Department of psychology, research director at Transparent Corporation.
Source: Alternative therapies in health and medicine, September/October 2008, link from Inergy Mind Spas.

This scientific review by Tina L. Huang, Phd. professor at the Ohio State University suggests that BrainWave Entrainment (BWE) is effective in several cognitive domains and can relieve acute and long-term stress, reduce pain, headache, migraines, and PMS and improve behaviour.
While preliminary evidence does not confirm the desired level of effectivity in all of the examined areas, the study concludes that BWE is worthy of further consideration by clinicians and researchers as a therapeutic tool.

[pdf-embedder url=”/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/A-comprehensive-review-of-psychologic-effects-2.pdf” title=”a-comprehensive-review-of-psychologic-effects”]

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