Autosuggestion: What it is and how it works.

The psychological technique known as Autosuggestion works by using self-induced affirmations that make it possible for individuals to steer their thoughts, feelings, or behaviour. They will subconsciously adopt a new attitude that will enable them to make a positive change and improve their quality of life.

Autosuggestion can be seen as a sort of pep-talk that you have with yourself. Repeating certain words silently in your mind can make you change your attitude towards something. It can give you the confidence to manage the things that you are nervous about, or give you the power to overcome your fears.

Autogenic training

This relaxation technique was developed in 1926 by the Berlin psychiatrist Johannes Heinrich Schultz. Today, autogenic training is a widely used and medically recognized psychotherapy method that works very well. It is understood as a form of self-hypnosis where the user repeats specific suggestions, such as “I am very calm” to influence his or her mind and body. These formulas involve imagining weight, temperature, heart regulation, respiratory regulation, abdominal warmth and forehead cooling.

Autogenic training is used in SonicTonic for creating a state of calm and peace in the categories “De-Stress” and “Change”.


Hypnosis involve a psychologist or psychotherapist giving specific instructions to a patient that will cause a trance state in which influence can be exerted on the patient’s unconscious mind. The therapy uses various methods that are all designed to positively influence the subconscious. These include thought journeys, metaphors, stories and goal projection. Subsequently, the patient can also be taught to use certain exercises in self-hypnosis.


Unlike in autogenic training, imagination does not just repeat sentences; it creates a place of relaxation and fantasy. It should be manifested as detailed as possible, and with all senses. This place serves to recharge the patient’s batteries.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, autosuggestion can positively influence the patient’s thoughts and create a permanent optimistic attitude that will result in more life satisfaction.

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