ASMR Used to Treat Anxiety and Neuroticism

An exciting new study has found that ASMR has a positive effect on the reduction of anxiety and neuroticism. In this study, participants were asked to rate their levels of anxiety before and after watching a video as compared to a control group of people who hadn’t watch the video.

People who had received ASMR reported an improvement in their levels of anxiety where as the control group reported no difference in how they were feeling.

This could indicate that ASMR has potential as a therapeutic tool to treat anxiety. Furthermore, this shows that if you do suffer from anxiety, you may benefit from using ASMR along with our other ingredients, found in the SonicTonic App!

Source and further reading: The Conversation

SonicTonic is a self-management app that uses Receptive Sound Therapy for influencing thoughts and feelings to bring about positive changes in mood, attitude, and actions.  Its  science-based  design helps to reduce stress, improve sleep, aid relaxation, boost concentration, and even increase boost concentration and learning capabilities. It also addresses a number of other issues, such as anxiety, burnout, depression, and phobias.

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