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I immediately fell asleep with “sleep soundly”, although I always have sleep problems

Sarah IvBerlin, Actress

SonicTonic helped me with my sleep problems and brought me back to sleep

Christian EhmkeBerlin

I often use the sonic tonics before falling asleep or when I’m stressed out and think they’re great.

Marlene OhlssonHamburg

I use SonicTonic every day and I love it every day.

Hanna HinzDirector of International Sales - Kempinski Hotels

I’ve been using white noise, calming down and sleeping with my kids for months, it works really well.

Jeju CaronBerlin, Regisseurin bei TUI Cruises

I think power nap is great and did a great job in a car break the other day, so I was able to continue fresh and wide awake.

Sanna HuebchenBerlin, Actress

SonicTonic Player

USB Connection Cable

Pair of Headphones

Portable Box

Instruction for use

SonicTonic Player

Player Functions

(01) The round button in the middle is to play or to stop/pause

(02) Pressing shortly on the right button will play the next track.

(03) Pressing shortly on the left button will play the previous track.

(04) Holding down the right button will scan fast forward.

(05) Holding down the left t button will scan fast backward.

(06) Pressing the plus button will increase the volume.

(07) Pressing the minus button will decrease the volume.

(08) Moving the switch will activate the player. 

Best Practises

• Keep the Player charged by connecting it to a power supply [not supplied), or to the USB port of a computer.

• Headphones are included but for best results use good quality headphones.

• Always switch the player off after use to conserve power.

Easy Access

Storage System

The programs [Tonics] are contained on a removable SD microchip. The program can be easily updated or exchanged by connecting the player to the USB port of a computer. Alternatively, the SD microchip can be removed and, if necessary, using an adapter, connects to a computer. New Tonics may be downloaded from Each new play comes with a coupon for two additional Tonics.

Thank you for using the SonicTonic player. Should you experience problems or just generally would like to talk to use, please use the email address

Ingredients & Purpose

What’s in the Player?

Deep Sleep

A lush and peaceful soundscape that doesn’t crave your attention. Repetitive thoughts will slowly disappear to be replaced by a state of calm where your mind has surrendered to the sounds. You will peacefully just drift off to a deep and refreshing sleep.


This is a rather unusual Tonic. It was designed for stress reduction. It has a constant stereo sweeping which has an ASMR effect that induces tingles and goosebumps. The main drone is the kind of sound where one would say “I can’t hear myself think” and indeed, the reports from our testing showed that it worked very well in stopping worry and circular thinking. But what we didn’t expect was that it also promotes sleep. This is rather unusual or considering that it has a fairly solid sound and contains 10 Hz alpha waves that should create a pleasant state of relaxation. It is treated with virtual surround software that gives the impression of panning over the head, through the head and sometimes even behind the head. So if you want to control stress, stop annoying thoughts or fall asleep, try this one. And let us know what happens!

Sleep Soundly

Whether you have problems with falling asleep or waking up during the night, this SonicTonic will help to generate the brainwave patterns that facilitate the quality sleep you need. This Tonic provides a simple yet effective way to clear your mind and get yourself ready for sleeping.

Autogenic Training

Autogenic training is a tried and tested technique for creating a state of calm. It was developed back in 1932 by a German psychiatrist’s named Johannes Schultz. For some, it may take a few times until it really kicks in, but most will achieve a wonderful state of relaxation the very first time. For retaining a constant sense of well-being, it is best to practice autogenic training regularly.

You can listen either lying down or sitting in the coach-driver position – head down, leaning forward with your forearms resting on your legs.

Circular Thinking

Shivers and goose-bumps. Your head gets literally wrapped up, making it hard to follow intrusive thoughts. From an active start, the concoction of entraining ingredients swirl and blend, slowing you down, de-cramping, soothing and bring you a welcome sense of inner calm.

Pink Noise

Pink noise is scientifically proven to provide deeper and more stable sleep. Dr. Jue Zhang, Ph.D., an associate professor at China’s Peking University, lead a sleep study with 50 people. An impressive 75% of the participants reported more restful sleep when exposed to pink noise. “Sound can have a big influence on brain activity and brainwave synchronization – even while you’re sleeping,” Zhang explains. “The steady drone of pink noise slows and regulates your brain waves, which is a hallmark of super-restful sleep.” What is Pink Noise? “Think of rain falling on the pavement, or wind rustling the leaves on a tree. It’s called pink noise because light with a similar power spectrum would appear pink”, he says Dr. Zhang Read the more about the study and pink noise in the Knowledge Pyramid on

Download the PDF: SonicTonicPlayer

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